With the New Year upon us and the inevitable resolutions being made ready to be broken, one resolution you will want to keep is the promise to get some help with your business; here is why you should be using a freelance Virtual Assistant Service:

If you want your business to grow then you will at some point need to outsource some of your business tasks, those that YOU are not paid to do such as invoicing, bookkeeping, emails and social media updates, newsletters, making appointments or organising events. Whatever your profession, you make money by practising your profession.

Outsourcing the jobs and tasks that you don’t get paid for will give you more time to take on new clients and projects that you will be paid for. Hiring a VA does not have to be expensive and is totally flexible from a few hours a week to a few hours a month – start small and see how you get on.  A VA will most likely be able to complete those admin tasks that you just don’t get time to do much more quickly than you do, so what might take you half a day to complete each week a VA could do it in a few hours, saving you money in the long run!

Hiring a VA will motivate you to get jobs done, a VA will not be able to work without your input, you will therefore be more productive by providing them with what they need to get on with your work whilst you work to your customers deadlines.  A VA will want your business to do well and be successful, if your business is growing the chances are you will need more hours from your VA. You will have an additional pair of hands who is a professional and effective part of your team who is on your side!

Can you afford not to hire a Virtual Assistant to assist with your business admin needs?

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